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First Day of School August 18, 2010

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And first post on my blog!

I want to remember what happened.  These kids are hilarious!

Jeremy started 2nd grade.  He keeps asking how his teacher knew his name before she met him.  He can’t understand how she had notebooks and all kinds of other stuff ready with his name on it before school even started!

Tonight at dinner:

“We learned about time casseroles today.”

“Time casseroles?”

“You know, you put something in it, like a hair clip, and then you bury it and then in a long time they dig it up and see how it looks.”

“A time capsule?”

{huge sigh}{eye roll} “YES!”

Axel started Kindergarten.  He was so excited and so ready to go.  He was running ahead of me the whole way there.  He could not wait!!

The best part of Axel’s day:

“Mom!  I made a new friend!!  He has the same backpack as me, only his is smaller.  His name is Cole.  He was next to me or behind me for everything we did the entire day, except when we were in the bathroom!”

I saw the kid and the backpack.  The kid is smaller than Axel, the backpack looked identical, except that Cole’s mom had written his name on his backpack.  I put a notecard inside Axel’s backpack with his name and his teacher’s name in case it got lost.  Sometime this afternoon I found Axel’s backpack unzipped and on the floor with no notecard in the pocket. And then even later, Axel came over to me holding the notecard and asked,

“What’s this for?”

“I put in in your backpack in case you lost it.”

“I don’t need this!  I already know my name is Axel!!”

I think Axel’s backpack is going to get the same treatment as Cole’s with a Sharpie right on the fabric.

Miles was super cute this morning.  He was awake when Jeremy left for school at the crack of dawn and he stood at the door saying:

“Goo-bye Jem-me, goo-bye.”

So sweet.

He was very happy to take Axel to Kindergarten this afternoon too.  He found a bulletin board that was exactly his height and had much fun with the thumbtacks before we had to leave.

The cutest was when we went to pick up both boys in the afternoon.  He remembered going to pick up Jeremy last year, and he kept saying:

“Go pick up Assel at Jem-me’s school?”

Even though I kept telling him that it was Axel’s school now too, I guess it will always be Jeremy’s school to Miles.

And how did Ryder like the first day of school?  Well, he was exhausted tonight at bedtime!

Jeremy this morning before school

Here is Jeremy before school this morning.  He was in a goofy mood!

And, of course, Miles had to be part of the photo shoot too.

Another kid who thinks that “smile!” means “make some kind of crazy face and some kind of claws with your hands!”

Miles again joined the photo shoot and had to copy every little gesture that Axel made….

Running ahead of me because he could not wait to finally start Kindergarten!!!!!!!

This is Axel with our neighbor and now his classmate, Breck.  Breck and Axel apparently made big plans to play at our house after school.  Axel didn’t remember anything about this but Breck sure did!  I guess Axel was too busy being amazed that another five year old boy in his class had the same ($9.99 from Target) Transformers backpack as him!  But Breck had her grandma call me immediately upon their arrival home to set up the playtime.  So she and her little sister came over to play for a few hours.  I said that now Axel and Breck are BFF, but Jeremy corrected me and said that they are BF because BF=best friends and why did I say BFF?  I guess I am old and don’t know how the kids say it these days…